About the Festival

Established in memory of Bendigo artist Hugh Waller, as a not-for-profit organisation with the purpose of advancing a sustainable arts culture in Bendigo and Central Vic by holding an annual arts festival to promote the value of the arts to the community.


The BendArts Festival Inc. is based around the idea of connecting Community and Art, through events relating to the Arts. The festival is an opportunity for the Local Arts Community, centred around Bendigo, and the Community at large to engage with local arts, artists and artistic endeavours throughout the Bendigo Region.

2017 saw the launch of the BendArts Festival Inc. Organisation, with our first Promotional Exhibition, which was hugely successful. Moving into 2018 we have a number of fundraising events planned as well as the inaugural weeklong arts festival, to be held in the latter part of 2018.

We are very proud of our achievements and the hard work of a lot of people connected with the BendArts Festival Inc. Membership of the BendArts Festival Inc. is about to be launched to help create a sustainable organisation.

Festival Objectives

  • Honour & continue the work of Hugh Waller, BendArts founder.
  • Provide opportunities for the community to engage with a broad range of arts practitioners & their work.
  • Support the local artistic community, with a focus on providing opportunities, fostering strong networks & increasing industry education.
  • Increase accessibility to the arts for the wider community.
  • Encourage the region to support the arts, through connecting the community with practitioners, such as encouraging alternative exhibition & performance spaces.